These pages are going to be different. How? Well I'm going to take you back in time to news breaking events that you might find a bit interesting, particularly if you have a year that was memorable to you for some reason or other. To start you on your trip I'm taking you back to 1932 the year Joe and I were Born. Were you living then? Do you remember events then? I don't but it was the year I hatched. Just click on the Lyon, but dont forget to come back to see more!

I'm going to start with the 50's because it's far enough back that its not too new to memory as the 80s or 90s would be. What everyone most likely remembers is the "Drive-in" movie's and have you ever been to an "Open Air" theater?. I also remember the drug store soda fountain where all would meet for a "phosfaite", my favorite being cherry. I remember the prankster kids putting harmless smoke bombs in the teachers car and when she started it, it would whistle, bang then smoke. I remember the "Sock Hops", Poodle skirts, Bobby socks and Saddle Oxfords, Penny loafers, Pedal pushers, Angora sweaters, the great cars and the Indian Chief motorcycle. All this I think everyone remembers, but do you remember what was news worthy in a particular year? I'm going to remind you of some events that took place.

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