Joseph Patrick Kennedy, U.S. financier and father of the Kennedy brothers, (b.1888)
Rocky Marciano, U.S. boxer, (b.1924)
Robert A. Rolfe, U.S. baseball player, (b.1908)
Irene Castle, U.S. dancer, (b.1894)
Vernon Duke, U.S. composer, (b.1903)
Gabriel Chevalier, Fr. novelist, (b.1895)
Boris Karloff, Brit.-Amer. actor, (b.1887)
Judy Garland, actress and singer, (b.1922)
Robert Taylor, actor (b.1911)
Ho Chi Minh President of North Vietnam, (b.1892)
Levi Eshkol, Israeli Prime Minister, (b.1895)
Dwight D. Eisenhower, (b.1890)
Westbrook Pegler, Amer. journalist, (b.1894)
Giovanni Martinelli, Ital.-Amer. singer, (b.1885)
John L. Lewis, Amer. labor leader, (b.1880)


"Saturday Evening Post" founded 1821, suspends publication.

Suffragan Bishop Matthias Defregger, Munich, is identified as the subject of a Nazi war crimes investigation in Italy.

Camille, the strongest hurricane to strike the U.S. since 1935, devastates Mississippi Gulf coast.

Rains in California cause mud slides that destroy or damage 10,000 homes and kill 100.

General Motors recalls almost five million cars for adjustment of mechanical defects.

Three Brit. boxing champions retire: heavyweight Henry Cooper, middleweight Johnny Pritchett, and featherweight Howard Winstone.

Trouser outfits become acceptable for everyday wear by women.

Bodies of actress Sharon Tate (wife of Roman Polanski) and four others found at her Los Angeles home; Charles Manson, leader of hippie ccommune nearby, indicted for the crime with several others.

For the fourth year in a row-and for the eighth year out of the past 10-Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain leads as the rebound leader in the National Basketball Association; Chamberlain also holds most of the other NBA records.


The Concorde, Anglo-Fr. supersonic aircraft makes its first test flight.

Apollo 10 astronauts bring lunar module with in 9.4 miles of the moons surface.

Apollo 11, launched from Cape Kennedy, lands lunar module on the moon's surface July 20; Neil Armstrong steps out on the moon July 21, and Apollo11 returns with it's crew July 24.

U.S. astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan L. Bean land on moon in Apollo 12 lunar module; return to Earth with samples of material from the lunar surface.

In Thailand a new species of swallow, the white eyed river martin is discovered.

Lease sale in Alaska for oil fields brings in one single day the sum of $900,220,590

U.S. government, heeding the results of laboratory experiments linking food additives to cancer, removes cyclamates from the market and limits use of monosodium glutamate.

U.S. government takes steps to ban use of the insecticide DDT


Duke Ellington celebrates his 70th birthday; President Nixon presents him with Medal of Freedom

Woodstock Music and Art Fair, near Bethel, N.Y., attracts more than 300,000 enthusiasts

Mary Hopkin emerges as bright new singing star.

Katherine Hepburn in "Coco," musical, New York City

Popular songs:
"A Boy Named Sue"...."Hair"...."Aquarius"...."In The Year 2525"

"1776" musical based on signing the Declaration of Independence.


"Midnight Cowboy" Academy Award
""Justine" (Cuker)
"MacKenna's Gold" (Foreman)
"Easy Rider" (Hopper)
"Bullitt" (Yates)
"If" (Lindsay Anderson)
"Battle of Britain" (Guy Hamilton)
"Oh! What a Lovely War" (Attenborough)
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (Hill)
"They Shoot Horses, Don'tThey?" (Jane Fonda)
"Satyricon" (Fellini)
"Isadora" (Vanessa Redgrave)
"M A S H" (Robert Altman)
"Women In Love" (Ken Russell)


Mario Puzo: "The Godfather"

Harold Robbins recieves a $2.5 million advance for his novel "The Inheritor"

Michael Crichton: "The Andromeda Strain"
Kurt Vonnegut: "Slaughterhouse Five"
Jacqueline Susann: "The Love Machine"
Peter Maas: "The Valachi Papers"


Violent fighting in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Roman Catholics

Sirhan Sirhan tried and convicted of the murder of Senator Robert Kennedy.

Jan Palach, a Czech student, publicly burns himself to death in Prague in protest against Soviet occupation.

Richard M. Nixon inaugurated as 37th President of the U.S.

Caribbean island of Anguilla votes to break all ties with Britain

James Earl Ray sentenced to 99 years in prison for assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mrs. Golda Meir becomes Israel's fourth Prime Minister

The "Chicago Eight," indicted for violating the antiriot clause of the Civil Rights Act in connection with the demonstrations during the 1968 Democratic convention in that city, are found not guilty after boisterous trial.

De Gaulle resigns as President of France.

Nixon meets S. Vietnamese President Thieu on Midway Island.

First U.S. troops withdraw from Vietnam; by the end of the year, 75,000 have been sent home.

Senator Edward Kennedy, driving a car at Chappaquiddick Island, Mass., plunges into a pond; body of woman passenger Mary Jo Kopechne found in car.

Brit. army sends 600 troops into Belfast to quell rioting.

Hundreds of thousands of people in several U.S. cities demonstrate their protests against war in Vietnam

More than 100 U.S. combat deaths reported in one week in Vietnam.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. David Mitchell and Lt. William Calley ordered to stand trial on murder charges for massacre of civilians at Mylai, Vietnam

Abe Fortas, Supreme Court justice, resigns after disclosure of questionable dealings with convicted financier.