Peter Arno, U.S. cartoonist, (b.1904)

Thomas Bridges, U.S. baseball player, (b.1906)

Randolph Chirchill, Brit. author and politician, (b.1911)

James Clark, Scot. car racing champion, (b.1936)

Princess Marina, the former Dutchess of Kent, (b.1906)

Harold Gray, creator of the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie", (b.1893)

R. Dirks, creator of the comic strip "The Katzenjammer Kids" (b.1876)

Chester Carlson, inventor of xerography, (b.1906)

Yuri A. Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut, (b.1934)

Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, N.Y., (b.1898)

Dan Duryea, actor, (b.1906)

Lilian Harvey, Ger. film star, (b.1907)

Franchot Tone, actor, (b.1905)

Helen Keller, U.S. blind and deaf educationist, (b.1880)

Tallulah Bankhead, U.S. actress, (b.1903)

Edna Ferber, U.S. novelist, (b.1885)

Fanny Hurst, Amer. author, (b.1889)

Upton Sinclair, (b.1878)

John Steinbeck, (b.1902)


A 28-million-year-old skull of an ape found by Elwyn L. Simons in the Fayyum region of the U.A.R.

World heavyweight boxing championship in dispute.

Crimes of violence in the U.S. have increased 57 per cent since 1960.

78 million TV sets in U.S.;....25 million in U.S.S.R.;. ...20.5 million in Japan;.....19 million in Great Britain;....13.5 million in W. Germany;....10 million in France

Mexico City Olympic Games host more than 6,000 competitors from 112 countries; Bob Beamon (U.S.) long jumps 29 feet 2.5 inches; U.S. team takes 45 gold medals; the U.S.S.R. takes 29

Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle S. Onassis

Earthquake strikes Iran, killing 12,000

Between Aug. and Oct. some 27.000 Czech refugees enter Austria

The "midi" fails to replace the "mini"

Julie Nixon, daughter of the president-elect, weds Dwight David Eisenhower, gradson of the former president.

Figure skater Peggy Fleming wins the only U.S. gold medal at the Winter Olympics.


58-ar-old retired dentist Philip Blaiberg of Cape Town, S. Africa, becomes the third recipient of a transplanted heart; operation performed by Dr. Christiaan N. Barnard.

U.S. spacecraft Surveyor 7 lands successfully on the moon.

U.S. explodes experimental hydrogen bomb underground 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Apollo 7 spacecraft with three astronauts aboard, launched from Cape Kennedy, Fla., (11-day) orbiting flight with slash down in Atlantic ocean.

Apollo 8, with three astronauts aboard, launched on flight to the moon, orbits the moon and splashes down in the Pacific.

Pulsating radio sources (pulsars) discovered by Hewish and Bell, Mullard-Observatory, Cambridge, England.

Benjamin Maar (Jerusalem University) discovers foundations of the Temple of Herod, destroyed 70 A.D.


Oliver Knussen, 15-year-old Eng. schoolboy conducts first performance of his Symphony No. 1, London Symphony Orchestra

Aretha Franklin ("soul" music) and Jimi Hendrix (hard-rock music) compete for popularity.

Popular songs:

"Congratulationa"...."Cinderella Rockafella"...."Hey Jude"...."Mrs. Robinson"...."Stoned Soul Picnic"


The columns of the Parthenon in Athens in danger of collasping as result of weathering and erosion of foundation.

Mickey Mouse celebrates his 40th birthday.


"The Thomas Crown Affair" (Jewison)
"Star!" (Julie Andrews)
"Funny Girl" (Streisand)
"The Odd Couple" (Lemmon, Matthau)
"In Cold Blood" (Richard Brook)
"The Comediens" (Richard Glenville)
"The Lion in Winter" (K. Hepburn, O'Toole)
"Je t'aime, Je t'aime" (Resnails)
"2001: A Space Odyssey" (Kubrick)
"Oliver!" (academy Award (Sir Carol Reed)


Charles Portis: "True Grit"

Richard Bradford: "Red Sky at Morning"

Peter Beagle: "The Last Unicorn"

Aleksei Arbusov: "Confession at Night"

William Douglas-Home: "The Secretary Bird"

Enid Bagnold: "Call Me Jacky"

Matt Crowley: "The Boys in the Band"

Howard Sckler: "The Great White Hope" Pulitzer Prize play

Gerome Ragni and James Rado: "Hair"

Neil Simon: "Plaza Suite"

Muriel Spark: "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"


Senator Robert F. Kennedy announces his candidacy for Democratic presidential nomination.

Rev. Matin Luther King, Jr., leader of Negro civil rights movement and winner of 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, is assassinated in a Memphis motel; Scotland Yard arrests James Earl Ray in London; he is extradited to U.S. to stand trial.

Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles immediately after his victory speech upon winning the California Democratic primary; a Jordanian, Sirhan Sirhan, is arrested, charged, and later, convicted of the crime.

Riots and police brutality and bullying mark the Democratic convention in Chicago; Hubert H. Humphrey wins the nomination.

Richard M. Nixon, promising to end the Vietnam war, elected 37th President of the U.S. by the narrowest margin since 1912.

U.S. Navy intelligence ship, "Pueblo," is captured by N. Korea on charge of violation of N. Korean waters; her crew is finally released in Dec. upon admission by U.S., instantly reputed, that violation of water took place.

Leadership of Czech Communist Party wins endorsement of Central Committe for its policy of resisting pressure from U.S.S.R.;
Soviet Union announces maneuvers under way in areas near Slovak border;
Dubcek vows in radio address that Czechoslovakia will continue on the road it has chosen and that the county's sovereignty is not threatened; Yugoslav President Tito arrives in Prague to show his support for Czech liberation drive;
Czechoslovakia invaded at night by Soviet and Warsaw-Pact troops;
Dubcek arrested;
U.S.S.R. justifies invasion, claiming the Czech overnment "had requested assistance";
National Assembly declares the country's invasion illegal and demands withdrawal;direct press censorship reestablished in Czechoslovakia;

Dubcek appeals to nation not to provoke occupying forces;
"Pravda" article appears on the "necessity" of protecting socialist countries from outside attacks;
Czech leaders accede in Moscow to Soviet demands to abolish liberal policies and agree that foreign troops will stay indefinitely;
Kosygin visits Prague;
Czech and Slovak autonomy established within a two-state federation; anti-Soviet demonstrations held in Prague;
Czechoslovak Defence Minister announces that all occupation troops will be withdrawn.