Primo Carnera, Ital. boxer, (b.1906)

Henry R. Luce, U.S. publisher, founder of "Time," "Life," and "Fortune" (b.1898)

Goose Tatum, U.S. basketball player, (b.1898)

J. Robert Oppenheimer, U.S. nuclear physicist, (b.1904)

Nelson Eddy, singer and film star, (b.1901)

Geraldine Farrar, U.S.operatic soprano, (b.1882)

Woody Guthrie, Amer. folk singer, (b.1912)

Paul Whiteman, U.S. "King of Jazz," (b.1880)

Jayne Mansfield, U.S. film actress, (b.1933)

Bert Lahr, stage and screen (b.1895)

Vivien Leigh, Eng. actress, (b.1913)

Paul Muni, U.S. actor, (b.1895)

Dorothy Parker, U.S. writer, (b.1893)

Claude Rains, Anglo-Amer. actor, (b.1890)

Basil Rathbone, U.S. actor, (b.1892)

Elmer Rice, U.S. author, (b.1892)

Carl Sandburg, U.S. Poet, (b.1878)

Spencer Tracy, U.S. actor, (b.1900)

Cardinal Francis Spellman, Archbishop of New York, (b.1889)

Mischa Auer, Russ-Amer. actor, (b.1900)

Charles Bickford, Amer. actor, (b.1889)

Vyvyan Holland, Eng. writer, Oscar Wilde's son, (b.1886)

Langston Hughes, Amer. Negro poet, (b.1862)

Clement Attlee, (b.1883)

Konrad Adenauer, (b.1876)


Expo 67 opens in Montreal

Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) indicted in Houston, Texas for refusing to be inducted into U.S. armed forces.

Ilse Koch, Ger. war criminal, the "beast of Buchenwald," found hanged in prison cell. (b.1907)

Mickey Mantle (New York Yankees) hits his 500th career home run

Boston wins its first baseball pennant since 1946

Albert H. de Salvo (35), the "Boston Strangler" who admitted 13 murders, is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Lake Point Tower, Chicago-645 feet, 70 stories becomes the worlds tallest reinforced concrete apartment building.

Lost Creek Dam, Utah, completed.

12 billion cans of beer and 5.3 billion cans of soft drinks consumed during the year in U.S.

Peggy Fleming (U.S.) wins world championship for women's figure skating, Vienna

3.6 million births registered in the U.S.

Sweden changes from left to right-side driving

David Frost (b.1939) emerges as "Television Personality of the Year" his program "Frost over England" wins the Golden Rose of Montreux

Twiggy a Brit. model, takes U.S. fashion by storm.

Mrs. Billie Jean King wins almost every American and international tennis match open to women.

Lynda Bird Johnson, President Johnson's older daughter, marries Marine Capt. Charles Robb

For the third consecutive year and the sixth time in eight years, the Green Bay Packers, coached by Vince Lombardi, win the National Football League National Conference championship, then go on to win NFL championship.


Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir M. Komarov killed during reentry of Soyuz 1

Stanford University biochemists produce synthetic version of DNA, the substance that controls heredity.

The Peoples Republic of China explodes its first hydrogen bomb.

Dr. Christiaan N. Barnard perfoms the world's first human heart transplant operation at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, S. Africa

Dr. Irving S. Cooper (U.S.) develops cryosurgery as a means of treating Parkinson's disease.

U.S. has 74 nuclear-powered submarines in commission

Russia launches Luna 13 toward moon

U.S. manned space flights are suspended after death of three astronauts in fire on launching pad.


J. Masteroff, J. Kander, and F. Ebb: "Cabaret" musical, opens in New York.

Willard Stright: "Toyon of Alaska" opera, Anchorage; commissioned to celebrate the centenary of the purchase of Alaska from Russia.

Barbra Streisand sings in Central Park, New York, for 135,000 listeners.

Eng. singer Gerry Dorsey changes his name to Engelbert Humperdinck, and gains world fame.


Leonardo da Vini's portrait of Ginevra de Benci acquired by National Gallery, Washinton, D.C., for $ milon from Prince Francis Joseph 11 of Liechtenstein

"Blow-Up" (Antonioni)...."Belle de Jour" (Bunuel)...."Bonnie and Clyde" (Penn)...."The Countess From Hong Kong" (Chaplin)...."El Darado" (Howard Hawks)...."Accident" (Losey)....The Chelsea Girls" (Warhol)...."Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clarke)...."La Prise de la pouvoir par Louise X1V" (Rossellini)...."In the Heat of the Night" Acadamey Award...."Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (K. Hepburn, S. Tracy)...."The Taming of the Shrew" (Schlesinger)


Israeli forces use tanks against Syria in worsening border conflict

Soviet Union and Britain pledge to make every possible effort to obtain peace in Vietnam.

France launches it's first nuclear powered submarine, "La Redoutable"

Israeli Mirage fighter planes shoot down six Syrian Air Force MIG-21s

5,000 persons riot in Hong Kong; 700,000 persons march down Fith Avenue, N.Y., in support of U.S. soldiers fighting in Vietnam.

Hanoi attacked by U.S. bombers

Nassar and Hussein sign mutual defense pact

Israeli Gen. Moshe Dayan appointed Defense Minister

Six-Day War between Israel and Arab nations begins;

Arab refugees begin returning to their homes on West Bank of Jordan.

Nasser vows to continue struggle against Israel.

Black Power conference held in Newark, N.J.

Britain rejects Chinese ultimatum demanding three pro-Communist Hong Kong newspapers; Brit. chancery in Peking sacked and burned

Amer. Nazi Party leader G.L. Rockwell is shot to death in Arlinton, Va.

50,000 persons demonstrate against Vietnam war at Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

The Shah of Iran crowns himself and his wife, Empress Farah, at Teheran.

King Constantine and his family flee from Greece to Rome after failing to overthrow military government.

President Johnson appoints Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court

25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified; it provides for presidential appointment of vice president if their position is vacated and for appointment of the vice president as acting president in the event of an inability of the president to perform his duties.

Martin Luther King leads anti-Vietnam war march in New York; another protest march takes place in San Francisco.

Negro riots in Cleveland, Newark, and Detroit.