Ex-King Farouk of Egypt, (b.1920)
Helena Rubinstein, Amer. cosmetician, (b. 1870)
Edward R. Murrow. U.S journalist and commentator, (b.1908)
Amos Alonzo Stagg, Amer. football coach, (b.1862)
Nat "King" Cole, jazz singer and pianist, (b.1919)
Albert Schweitzer, (b.1875)
T.S. Eliot, (b.1888)
William Somerset Maugham, (b.1874)
Bernard M. Baruch, U.S. financier, philanthropist, and public servant, (b.1870)
Felix Frankfurter, U.S. jurist, (b.1882)
Joseph C. Grew, U.S. diplomat, (b.1880)
Frances Perkins, first woman cabinate member, Secretary of Labor under F.D.Roosevelt, (b.1882)
Adlai E. Stevenson, (b.1900)
Henry A. Wallace, (b.1888)


Earthquake shakes Chili....Tornadoes strike Midwestern U.S.....Cyclones ravage E. Pakistan; 12,000-20,000 die

U.S. spends more than $26.2 billion for public school education; $654 per student.

Out of 3.52 million, 2.63 million 17-year-olds are high school graduates in U.S.

Out of 709,332 degrees conferred 551,040 are Bachelors, 140,055 are Masters, and 18,237 are Doctors.

10 Brit. professional soccer players found guilty of "fixing" matches.

Jim Clark becomes world motor-racing champion.

When a relay switch in Ontario malfunctions, the entire northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada lose electrical power; blackout effects 30 million people; noticeable increase in birth rate nine months later.

The average union hourly wage scale in the U.S. has doubled for workers in the building trades since 1949, at least doubled in the trucking industry and among transit workers, and has increased by about 75 percent for those in the printing trades.

Soviet astronaut Leonov leaves spacecraft Voskhod 11 and floats in space for 10 minutes.

U.S. astronaut Edward White walks from Gemini 4 for 21 minutes.

The "Vinland Map" proves accordint to Yale University Press statement, that Leif Ericson discovered America in the 11th century (map discredited as forgery in 1974)

Rare earth complexes first separated by gas chromatography

Legislative momentum gains for antipollution laws on a national scale in the U.S.

First flight around the world over both poles.


Popular songs:
"King of the Road"...."It Was A Very Good Year"...."Downtown"...."A Hard Days Night"


Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington, stolen in 1961, returned to National Gallery, London

"Op" art becomes the rage: Nonobjective art directed at optical illusions based on use of color and form and perspective in unusual ways.

"Help!" (The Beatles)...."Cul-de- sac" (Polanski)...."Othello" (Olivier)...."Dr. Zhivago" (David Lean)...."The Sound of Music" Academy Award

Charles Chaplin and Ingmar Berman awarded the Dutch Erasmus Prize.


Lyndon Baines Johnson inaugurated as 36th President of the U.S.

Malcome X, Black Muslim leader, shot in New York (b.1925)

Outbreaks of violence at Selma, Ala.;....Martin Luther King heads procession of 4,000 civil rights demonstrators from Selma to Montgomery, Ala. to deliver Negro petition;... Ku Klux Klan shootings in Selma.

N.Vietnamese MIG aircraft shoot down U.S. jets;....students demonstrate in Washington against U.S. bombing of N. Vietnam;....U.S.S.R. admits supplying arms to Hanoi;... .further Amer. demonstrations against the war;....Ho Chi Minh rejects peace talks with U.S.

Medicare bill becomes law upon President Johnson's signing; it was first proposed by President Kennedy in 1960.

Severe race riots in Watts district of Los Angeles result in 35 dead, 4,000 arrested, and $40 million in proprty damage.

New U.S. immigration law classifies applicants by family condition, refugee status, and skills, replacing 1921 law basd on nationality

Six former Auschwitz prison officials sentenced to life imprisonment.