Gracie Allen, Amer. comediene (with her husband, George Burns), (b.1905)
Eddie Cantor,Amer. comedian, (b.1892)
Norbert Wiener, founder of the science of cybernetics
Cole Porter, (b.1893)
Stuart Davis, Amer. artist, (b.1894)
Alexander Archipenko, Russ. scultor, (b.1887)
Ian Fleming, Eng. thriller writer, (b.1908)
Peter Lorre, (b.1905)
Douglas MacArthur, Amer. general, (b.1880)


Major earthquake in Alaska-114 die; $500 million in property damage.

Easter outbreak of Mods verses Rockers disturb Brit. sea ports.

Sentences totaling 307 years passed on 12 mail-train robbers in England.

300 spectators are killed in riots at soccer match in Lima.

Race riots erupt in Harlem, New York, and in many other U.S. cities as reaction against enforcement of civil rights laws.

"Daily Herald" London, ceases publication.

Olympic Games in Tokyo: U.S.S.R. wins 41 gold medals... .U.S. 37....Japan 16....Germany 13....Britain 5

Cassius Clay wins world heavyweight boxing championship from Sonny Lston

James Hoffa, president of Teamsters Union, found guilty of jury tampering (in 1962) and sentenced to eight years' imprisonment and payment of $10,000 fine; later, another jury convicts him of fraud and conspiracy and he is sentenced to five years and $10,000 fine


Ranger V11, launched from Cape Kennedy, returns close-up photographs of the moons surface.

"Brain Drain"-Brit. scientists emigrate to U.S. in great numbers.

Britain grants licenses to drill for oil and gas in the North Sea.

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge, opens to traffic in New York


Jerry Herman: "Hello Dolly" musical comedy, New York

Popular songs
"Hello Dolly"...."I Want To Hold Your Hand"...."From Russia With Love".... "Chim Chim Cheree"....Fiddler on the Roof"

Jerry Bock: "Fiddler on the Roof" musical play, New York.

The Watusi, Frug, Monkey, Funky Chicken, and other varietes of the Twist drive many people to discotheques, where go-go girls set the pace.


"Lord of the Flies" (Peter Holbrook)...."The Passenger" (Munk)...."A Hard Day's Night" (The Beatles)...."Gold finger" (James Bond film)...."Zorba The Greek" (Cacoyannis)...."Mary Poppins" (Stevenson)...."My Fair Lady" Academy Award...."Topkapi" (Peter Ustinov)

Elizabeth Taylor divorces Eddie Fisher and, 10 days later, weds Richard Burton.


The Windmill Theatre, London ("We Never Close"), closes as nonstop vaudville.

Gore Vidal: "Julian"

Athur Miller: "After the Fall" and "Incident at Vichy"

Eric Berne, M.D.: "Games People Play"

John Lennon: "In His Own Write"

Matin Luther King Jr.: "Why We Can't Wait"


24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified, abolishing the poll tax.

Jack Ruby, found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the alledged assassin of President Kennedy, is sentenced to death; he dies of cancer in Jan. 1965

UN peace force takes over in Cyprus;
Makarios abrogates 1960 treaty between Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus;
Greece rejects direct talks;
Turk. planes attack Cyprus;
Gen. Grivas named commander of Greek Cypriot forces.

A U.S. destroyer is alledgedly attacted off N. Vietnam; U.S. aircraft attack N. Vietnam bases in reprisal; escalation of war, heavy fighting.

Moise Tshombe becomes Premier of the Congo; declares People's Republic.

Winston Churchill makes last appearance in the House of Commons shortly before his 90th birthday.

Commission, appointed by President Johnson under Chief Justice Earl Warren, finds that Lee Harvey Oswald, alone, was responible for assassinating President Kennedy.

Nobel Peace Prize: Martin Luther King

Khrushchev replaced as Soviet Prime Minister by Kosygin and as Party Secretary by Brezhnev

Lyndon B. Johnson elected President of the U.S.

Arafat takes over leadership of Arab guerrilla force Al Fatah