Ex-Queen Willhelmina of the Netherlands, (b.1880)
Eleanor Roosevelt, (b.1884)
Charles William Beebe, Amer. biologist, (b.1887)
Arthur Compton, Amer. physicist, (b.1892)
Jacques Ibert, Fr. composer, (b.1890)
Marilyn Monroe, (b.1926)
Charles Laughton, (b.1899)
Franz Kline, Amer. action painter, (b.1910)
William Faulkner, (b.1897)
Hermann Hesse, (b.1877)


James Meredith, Black applicant, is denied admission to University of Mississippi by Governor Barnett; U.S. Court of Appeals finds Barnett guilty of civil contempt and threatens him with arrest and fines; U.S. marshalls and 3,000 soldiers suppress riots when Meredith arrives on campus to begin classes.

"The Sunday Times" issues it's first color supplement.

Sonny Liston becomes world heavyweight boxing champion, knocking out Floyd Patterson in the first round.

An earthquake in northwestern Iran kills 10,000

Nine New York daily newspapers are struck from Dec. 8, 1962, until Apr. 1, 1963

Minnesota defeats U.C.L.A. to win Rose Bowl football game 21-3

New York (AL) defeats San Francisco (NL) 4-3 to win World Series.


U.S. spacemen Glenn Carpenter, and Schirra orbit seperately.

Telstar satellite launched from Cape Canaveral.

Mariner 2 launched by U.S. as Venus probe.

Russ. scientist Chudinov revives fossil algae, aged 250 million years.

U.S. has 200 atomic reactors in operation; Britain, 39; U.S.S.R., 39

Thalidomide causes children to be born with malformations.

Royal College of Physicians issues its report on smoking and health.


Popular songs:

"Days of Wine and Roses"...."Go Away Little Girl"...."Blowin' In The Wind "


"Les sequestres d'Altona" (Sartre, Fredric March)
"Vivre sa vie" (Godard)
La Steppa" (Lattuada)
"Lawrence of Arabia" Acadamy Award (David Lean)
"Freud" (John Houston)
"The Trial" (Orson Welles)
"Cleopatra" (Taylor, Burton)
"Phaedra" (Dassin)
"The Manchurian Canidate" (Frankenheimer)


James Jones: "The Thin Red Line"
Tennessee Williams: "The Night of the Iguana"
Robert Bolt: "A Man for All Seasons," New York premier
Charles M. Schulz: "Happiness Is a Warm Puppy"
E. Burdick and H. wheeler: "Fail-Safe"
Ken Kesey: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Edward Albee: "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
James Baldwin: "Another Country"

BBC starts the satirical revue: "That Was the Week That Was"

Nobel Prize for literature: John Steinbeck


U.S. military council established in S. Vietnam

Adolf Eichmann hanged

U.S.S.R. agrees to send arms to Cuba;
establishes base for fishing fleet in Cuba;
Kennedy announces installation of U.S.S.R. missle base in Cuba;
Khrushchev offers to withdraw it if U.S. removes bases from Turkey;
Kennedy rejects offer and announces that U.S.S.R. will dismantle bases in Cuba and withdraw bombers;
blockade ends.

U-2 pilot Frances Gary Powers is traded by U.S.S.R. for U.S. held Soviet spy Rudolf Abel

President Kennedy appoints Byron R. White and Arthur J. Goldberg (-1965) to the Supreme Court.