Ty Cobb, Amer. baseball player, (b.1886)
Percy Bridgman, U.S. physicist, (b.1882)
Lee De Forest, U.S. electrical engineer and inventor of the vacuum tube, (b.1873)
Sir Thomas Beecham, (b.1880)
Gary Cooper, (b.1901)
Anna Mary Moses ("Grandma Moses"), (b.1860)
Frank N.D. Buchman, founder of Moral Re-Armament, (b.1878)
Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher, (b.1875)
Learned Hand, U.S. jurist, (b.1812)
Ernest Hemingway, (b.1898)
Henry Morton Robinson, Amer. novelist, (b.1898)
Dorothy Thompson, Amer. author, (b.1894)
Dashiell Hammett, (b.1889)
James Thurber, (b.1894)
Dag Hammarskjold, killed in air accident, (b.1905)
Sam Rayburn, elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for 10 terms, (b.1882), succeeded by John McCormack


Tanganyika conference moves to protect African wildlife

Farthing no longer legal tender in Britain

Last journey of "Orient Express" (Paris- Bucharest)

World population (in millions): China, 660....India, 435...U.S.S.R., 209....U.S. 179... .Japan, 95....Pakistan, 94....Brazil, 66....W. Germany, 54....Great Britain, 53

Floyd Patterson retains heavyweight boxing crown against challenger Ingemar Johansson with a K.O.; later in year knocks out Tom McNeely in fourth round.

Boby Fischer, 17, wins U.S. chess championship for fourth time, defeating Paul Benko, Hungarian Grand Master

Washington wins Rose Bowl football game against Minnesota, 17-7

"Freedom Riders," White and Black liberals loosely organized to test and force integration in the South, are attacted and beaten by White citizens (including women) in Anniston and Birmingham.

Lynn Joyner catches a 680-pound giant sea bass off Fernandina Beach Fla.....W.C.Timm lands a 69-pound 1-ounce albacore off Hudson Canyon....Tony Burnand catches a 141-pound 1- ounce Atlantic sailfish off the Ivory Coast, Africa.


Yuri Gagarin (U.S.S.R.) orbits the earth in six-ton satellite

Alan Shepard makes first U.S. space flight.

Atlas computer installed at Harwell

Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine: George von Bekesy (U.S.) for his study of the mechanism of the inner ear.


Popular songs
"Love Makes The World Go Round"...."Moon River"...."Where The Boys Are"...."Exodus"


Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington stolen from National Gallery, London

Museum of the Chinese Revolution opened in Peking

"Jules et Jim" (Truffaut)...."Boccaccio '70" (Fellini)...."Viridiana" (Span. film by Bunuel)...."Too Late Blues" (Cassavetes) ...."West Side Story," Acadamy Award...."Judgment at Nuremberg"...."The Hustler" (Rossen)


Jean Anouilh: "Becket"

Henry Miller: "Tropic of Cancer," first legal publication in U.S. (published in Paris, 1934)

John Steinbeck: "The Winter of Our Discontent"

Irving Stone: "The Agony and the Ecstasy"

G.A.Mosel, Jr.: "All the Way Home", Pulitzer Prize drama

T.H.White: "The Making of the President: 1960,"Pulitzer Prize (1962)

James Baldwin: Nobody Knows My Name"


U.S. breaks off diplomatic relations with Cuba

John F. Kennedy inaugurated as 35th (and youngest) President of the U.S.; establishes Peace Corps; meets Harold Macmillin at Key West, Fla.; visits Paris, Vienna, and London; meets Macmillin again in Bermuda.

Activities of reactionary John Birch Society are a concern of the U.S. Senate

UN General Assembly condemns apartheid

Cuban exiled rebels attempt an unsuccessful invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs; they were trained and supplied by U.S.; a week later, President Kennedy acknowledges his full responsibility for the fiasco

Berlin Wall constructed; Vice President Johnson visits Berlin

Adolph Eichmann found guilty in Jerusalem trial.