Rudolf Caracciola, Ger. car racing champion, (b.1901)....Mario Lanza, Amer. tenor, (b.1921)....Artur Rodzinski, Pol.-Amer. conductor, (b.1894)....Billie Holiday, (b.1915)....Cecil B. De Mille, (b.1881)....Frank Llyod Wright, (b.1869).... Maxwell Anderson, (b.1888)....Ethel Barrymore, (b.1879) ....John Foster Dulles, (b.1888)....George C. Marshall, (b.1880)


Louis B. Leakey finds the skull of "Nutcracker Man" in Tanganyika (approx. 600,000 B.C.)

Ingemar Johansson defeats Floyd Patterson to win world heavyweight boxing championship

Total U.S. auto accident death toll more than 1.25 million-more than have died in all U.S. wars combined.

Bill Mauldin wins the Pulitzer Prize for the second time (first was 1945) for his cartoons

U.S. Postmaster General Summerfield bans D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" from the mails on grounds of obscenity; ruling is reversed in 1960 by Circuit Court of Appeals

President Eisenhower invokes Taft-Hartley Act to halt 116-day-old steelworkers' strike; longshoreman's strike halted the same way.

Los Angeles (NL) defeats Chicago (AL), 4-2, to win World Series

Edward B. Elliott lands a 97-pound blue catfish at Missouri River, S. Dak..... Heinz Wichmann lands a 92-pound Chinook calmon at Sheena River, British Columbia....Alfred Dean lands a 2,664-pound shark at Ceduna, South Australia


U.S.S.R. launches rocket with two monkeys aboard.

U.S. artificial planet Pioneer 4 at Woomera.

U.S.S.R. Lunik reaches moon; Lunik 111 photographs moon.

First U.S. nuclear-powered merchant vessel, "Savannah," is launched.


Richard Rodgers; "The Sound of Music" premiers.

Popular songs

"He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"...."Tom Dooley".... Everything's Coming Up Roses"...."Mack The Knife".... High Hopes"


"Le Testament d'Orphee" (Cocteau)...."Anatomy of a Murder" (Preminger)...."Our Man in Havana" (Carol Reed) ...."Hiroshima, mon amour" (Resnais)...."Orfeu negro" (Marcel Camas)...."La Dolce Vita" (Fellini).... "Suddenly Last Summer" (J.L. Mankiewicz)...."Ben Hur," Acadamy Award (William Wyler)


Brendan Behan: "The Hostage"
Arnold Wesker: "Roots"
Allen Drury: "Advise and Consent," Pulitzer Prize (1960)
Robert L. Taylor: "The Travels of Jamie McPheeters," Pulitzer Prize
Stanley Kunitz: "Selected Poems: 1928-1958," Pulitzer Prize
James Michener: "Hawaii"
Moss Hart: "Act One"
Ian Fleming: "Goldfinger"
Philip Roth: "Goodbye Columbus"
Lillian Hellmann: "Toys in the Attic"


Cuban President Batista flees to the Dominican Republic; Fidel Castro becomes preier of Cuba; expropriates U.S.-owned sugar mills.

De Gaulle proclaimed President of the Fith Republic in France

Hawaii becomes 50th state of the U.S.

New York City Council appoints a committe to study possibility of its becoming 51st state