Charles F. Kettering, U.S. industrialist, (b.1876)
W.C.Handy, (b.1873)
Maurice de Vlaminck, Fr. painter, (b.1876)
Mike Todd, Amer. actor and producer, (b.1907)
Olaf Gulbransson, Ger. painter and caricaturist, (b.1873)

SPORTS/IT Happened

World's Amature Golf Council organized

Eddie Arcaro becomes (after Sir Gordon Richards and Johnny Longden) the third jockey to attain over 4,000 wins.

First parking meters appear in London

The "Beatnik" movement, originating in California, spreads throughout America and Europe.

Prince Charles created Prince of Wales

The last debutantes are presented at the Brit. court.

Arnold Palmer, U.S. golfer, wins his first Masters' tournament.

Unemployment in U.S. reaches almost 5.2 million

"Sugar" Ray Robinson regains middleweight boxing championship for fifth time by defeating Carmen Basilio

Nathan Leopold, jailed in 1924 for the kidnapping and murder of Bobby Franks (with Richard Loeb, who was killed in prison), is paroled.

Ohio State wins Rose Bowl football game against Oregon State, 10-7

New York (AL) wins World Series, 4-3, aganstilwauke (NL)


U.S.artificial earth satellite Explorer 1 (31 pounds) is launched from Cape Canaveral

U.S.S.R. Sputnik 111 (3,000 pounds) launched

U.S. nuclear submarine "Nautilus" passes under icecap at North Pole

Stereophonic recordings come into use

The Rotocycle, an aerial motor scooter, invented

U.S. establishes National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to administer scientific exploration of space.

U.S. launches first moon rocket; it fails to reach moon but travels 79,000 miles from earth.

Space probes reveal Van Allen radiation belts around earth that might imperil travel outside atmosphere; later, protective shielding proves adequate.


Cha Cha Cha is the new dance vogue.

Popular songs:

"Chanson d' Amour".... "Chipmunk Song"...."The Purple People Eater"...."Volare "...."Catch a Falling Star"...."A Certain Smile"

Visual Arts/ Film

"Mon Oncle" (Jacques Tati)...."Touch of Evil" (Orson Welles).... "Me and the Colonel" (Danny Kaye)...."Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (Elizabeth Taylor)...."Marjorie Morningstar" (Gene Kelly)...."Ashes and Diamonds" (Andre Wajda).... "Gigi" Acadamy Award

Fire at Museum of Modern Art, New York, causes $320,000 damage.


Truman Capote: "Breakfast At Tiffanys"
Shelagh Delaney: "A Taste of Honey", Eng. play
Harry Golden: "Only in America"
J. Edgar Hoover: "Masters of Deceit"
James Jones: "Some Came Running"
Boris Pasternak: "Dr. Zhivago"
Leon Uris: "Exodus"
Lorraine Hansberry: "A Raisin in the Sun"
Robert Penn Warren: "Promises: Poems 1954-56," Pulitzer Prize


European Common Market come into being.

Egypt and Sudan join to form the United Arab Republic with Nasser as president

Khrushchev succeeds Bulganin as Chairman of Council of U.S.S.R. Ministries.

fidel Castro begins "total war" against the Batista government in Cuba

Vice President Nixon, on good-will tour of S. America, is recieved with open hostility
Eisenhower sends troops to Caribbean

Alska becomes49th state of the U.S.

U.S.S.R. grants a loan to the United Arab Republic for building Aswan Dam

Nelson A. Rockefeller elected Governor of New York

Tension grows in U.S. as desegregation of schools is attempted in the South;
Governor Orval Faubus of Arkansas defies Supreme Court by closing schools in Little Rock, reopening them as private, segregated schools.

President Eisenhower appoints Potter Stewart to the Supreme Court