Christen Dior, Paris fashion designer, (b.1905)
Irving Langmuir, U.S. physicist (b. 1881)
Admiral Richard E. Byrd, U.S. polar explorer (b.1888)
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Aust. composer, (b.1887)
Othmar Schoek, Swiss composer, (b.1886)
Arturo Toscanni, (b.1867)
Diego Rivera, Mexican painter, (b.1886)
Frank Kupka, (b.1871)
Humphrey Bogart, U.S. actor, (b.1899)
Dorothy L. Sayers, Eng. author, (b.1893)


Cities with over one million inhabitants number 71 as against 16 in 1994

Brit. bank interest rate raised to 7 percent.

Regular London-Moscow air service inaugerated.

Desegregation crises in Little Rock, Ark.; President Eisenhower sends paratroopers to forestall violence.

Tidal wave follows hurricane Audrey into coasts of Texas and Louisiana, leaving 530 dead and missing.

Major John Glenn, Jr. (later an astronaut) sets speed record from California to New York in a jet: 3 hours 23 minutes 8.4 seconds.

Carmen Basilio defeats "Sugar" Ray Robinson to win middleweight boxing championship.

New York Giants baseball club moves to San Francisco; Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles

Iowa wins Rose Bowl football game from Oregon State, 35-19

"Beat" and "beatnik" take hold as new words to describe the "Beat Generation" first treated in Kerouac's "On the Road"


U.S.S.R. lanches Sputnik 1 and 11, first earth satellites.

Giberellin, a growth producing hormone, is isolated.

Mackinac Straits Bridge, Michigan, world's longest suspension bridge, opens.


Benjamin Britten: "The Turn Of The Screw," Stratford

Popular songs:
"Love Letters in the Sand"...."Young Love"...."Tonight".... "Maria"...."Seventy-Six Trombones"

Visual Arts/Films

H.G. Adam: "Beacon of the Dead" (in Auschwitz)
Chagall: "Self-portrait"


"A King in New York" (Chaplin)
"The Bridge On The River Kwai" Acadamy Award (David Lean)
"The Prince and the Showgirl" (Olivier, Monroe)
"Bonjour Tristesse" (Preminger)
"Love in the Afternoon" (Billy Wilder)
"Twelve Angry Men" (Henry Fonda)


Richard Mason: "The World of Suzie Wong"
Iris Murdoch: "The Sandcastle"
Robert Bolt: "The Flowering Cherry"
John Osborne: "The Enertainer"
Sir Laurence Olivier recieves honorary doctor's degree frm Oxford University
Eugene O'Neill: "Long Day's Journey into Night" (posth.), Puliterzer Prize play
William Inge: "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs"
Dr. Seuss: "The Cat in the Hat"


President Eisenhower formulates "Eisenhower Dovtrine" for protection of Middle-Eastern nations from Communist aggression

Israeli forces withdraw rom Sinai Peninsula and hand over Gaza strip to UN forces

Hammarskjold visits Nasser

UN reopens Suez Canal to navigation

U.S. resumes aid to Israel

King Hussein proclaims martial law in Jordan.

Gromyko becomes U.S.S.R. Foreign Minister
Molotov, Malenkov, Spekilov, and Zhukov sacked.

Eisenhower and Macmillan hold Bermuda Conference
"The Six" sign Rome Treaty; beginning of the Common Market

Britain explodes thermonuclear bomb in central Pacific

International Atomic Energy Agency established

Teamsters Union is expelled from AFL-CIO when Jimmy Hoffa refuses to expell criminals and union refuses to expel Hoffa

President Eisenhower appoints Charles E. Whittaker to the Supreme Court.