Mildred "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias, U.S. athlete and sports woman (b. 1914)
Thomas J. Watson, U.S. founder of IBM, (b. 1874)
Cornelius McGillicuddy ("Connie Mack"), (b. 1862)
Fred Allen, U.S. comedian, (b. 1894)
Guido Cantelli, Ital. conductor, (b. 1920)
Lyonel Feininger, Amer. painter, (b.1871)
Jackson Pollock, Amer. painter, (b.1912)
Alfred Kinsey, Amer. biologist, (b.1894)


Brit. bank interest rate raised to 5.5 percent, the highest since 1932

Prince Rainier of Monaco marries Grace Kelly

"Andrea Doria," Ital. liner, sinks after collision with "Stockholm" off Nantucket Island.

"Rock and Roll' dance is in vogue.

New York Coliseum, with nine acres of exhibit space, opens.

Michigan State defeats U.C.L.A. to win Rose Bowl football game 17-14

World Series is won by New York (AL), 4-3, over Brooklyn (NL)

Rocky Marciano retires undefeated from boxing, and Floyd Patterson, at 21 the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight crown, knocks out Archie Moore in title fight.


Bell Telephone Company begins to develope "visual telephone"

Transatlantic cable telephone service inaugerated.

M.D. Ross and M.L. Lewis (US) reach the stratospheric height of 22.8 km. in a balloon.

Four new antibiotics are tested in the U.S.

Oral vaccine developed by Albert Sabin against polio.


Elvis Presley gains in popularity.

Popular songs:
"Blue Suede Shoes"...."Around The World In 80 Days"...."Hound Dog"...."I Could Have Danced All Night"...."On The Street Where You Live".... "Que Sera Sera"...."Don't Be Cruel"....Poor People Of Paris".


"The Seventh Seal" (Ingmar Bergman)
"Baby Doll" (Elia Kazan)
"Nuit et Brouillard" (Resnais)
"War and Peace" (King Vidor)
"The Man With The Golden Arm" (Preminger)
"Romeo and Juliet" (Ballet film, Bolshoi Theater)
"Around The World In 80 Days," Academy Award (Mike Todd)
"The King and I"
"The Ten Commandments"
"Lust For Life"


William Brinkley: "Don't Go Near the Water"
Grace Metalious: "Peyton Place"
John F. Kennedy: "Profiles In Courage," Pulitzer Prize biography (1957)
Edwin O'Conner: "The Last Hurrah"
Patrick Dennis: "Auntie Mame"
John Osborne: "Look Back in Anger"
Terence Rattigan: "Seperate Tables," opens in New York
Angus Wilson: "The Mulberry Bush"
Goodrich and Hackett: "The Diary of Anne Frank," Pulitzer Prize drama


Jordan and Israel accept UN truce proposals
King Hussein of Jordan dismisses Brit. Gen. J.B. Glubb
Cease-fires arranged between Israel and Lebanon-Syria-Jordan
Israeli troops invade Sinai Peninsula
Anglo-Fr. ultimatum to Egypt and Israel calls for cease-fire
U.S.sends aid to Israel

Pakistan becomes Islamic republic

Nassar elected President of Egypt
U.S. and Britain inform Egypt that they will not participate in financing Aswan High Dam
Nassar seizes Suez Canal
Brit. and Fr. nationals leave Egypt
Dulles plan on Suez rejected by Nassar
Anglo-Fr. forces bomb Egyptian airfields Oct. 31
U.S. and U.S.S.R. pressures effect cease-fire Nov.6
Fr. and Brit. troops withdraw
UN fleet clears Suez Canal

Cardinal Wyszynski released from prison
Cardinal Mindszenty released

Soviet troops march into Hungary
UN Security Council's request vetoed by U.S.S.R.
UN General Assembly censures U.S.S.R.
martial law and mass arrests in Hungary

Dwight D. Eisenhower reelected President of the U.S., with Richard M. Nixon as vice-president
Congress is Democratic

Japan admitted to UN

President Eisenhower appoints William J. Brennan to the Supreme Court

Martin Luther King emerges as leader of campaign for desegregation

Fidel Castro lands in Cuba with small armed force intent on the overthrow of dictator Fulgencio Batista

Victor Riesel, U.S. labor columnist, is blinded by acid thrown by a gangster; four months later, labor racketeer Johnny Dio is indicted for conspiracy with six others.