Wilhelm Furtwangler, Ger. conductor, (b.1886)
Clemons Krauss, Aust.conductor, (b.1893)
Reginald Marsh, stage and screen, (b.1898)
Andre Derain, Fr. painter, (b.1880)Martin Anderson Nexo, Dan. poet, (b.1869)
Lionel Barrymore, stage and screen, (b. 1878)


29 million U.S. homes have TV

Temple of Mithras excavated in the City of London.

The U.S. contains 6 percent of the world's population but has 60 percent of all cars, 58 percent of all telephones, 45 percent of all radio sets, and 34 percent of all railroads.

Dersert locust plague in Morocco: within six weeks citrus crops valued at approx. $14 million destroyed.

Arnold Palmer wins Amature championship of U.S Golf Association; Ed Furgol wins Open.

Rose Bowl football game is won by Michigan State over U.C.L.A., 28-20

World Series is won by New York (NL) 4-0 over Cleveland (AL)


U.S. atomic physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer is dismissed from government service, his security clearance withdrawn.

U.S. tests hydrogen bomb at Bikini.

Concern in Europe and America about fallout and disposal of radioactive waste.

Known chemical elements at the time of birth of Christ: 9; around 1500, 12; around 1900 84; in 1954, 100

U.S. submarine "Nautilus" coverted to nuclear power.

U.S.S. "Forrestal," 59,650 ton aircraft carrier, launched at Newport News, Va.

Dr. Jonas E. Salk, U.S. developer of antipolio serum, starts inoculating school children in Pittsburgh, Pa.


Popular songs:
"Hernando's Hideaway"...."Mister Sandman".... "Young At Heart"...."Three Coins in the Fountain".... "Hey There"

First (annual) Jazz Festival held at Newport, RI

Toscanini retires


"Diabolique" (Clouzot)...."La Strada" (Fellini)...."On The Waterfront," Acadamy Award (Kazan)...."Rear Window" (Hitchcock)...."The Seven Samurai" (Jap.)


Nobel Prize for Literature: Ernest Hemingway....Mae Hyman: "No Time for Sergeants"....John Patrick: "The Teahouse of the August Moon"....Tennessee Williams: "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," Pulitzer Prize drama....William Golding: "Lord of the Flies"....J.R.R.Tolkien: "The Lord of the Rings".... Charles A. Lindbergh: "The Spirit of St. Louis" Pulitzer Prize for biograhy


Brit.,U.S., and U.S.S.R. foreign ministers meet in Berlin; Russians reject the idea of Ger. reunification

St. Lawrence Seaway project approved by Eisenhower.

Dien Bien Phu taken by Vietnamese Communists; Indo China armistice signed in Geneva; Communists occupy Hanoi

U.S. Supreme Court rules that segregation by color in public schools is a violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Eisenhower and Churchill meet in Washington and sign Potomac Charter

Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) established

U.S. and Canada agree to build radar warning stations across northern Canada (Distant Early Warning, "DEW" Line) to give warning of approaching aircraft or missles over the Artic.

Senator Joseph R. McCarthy continues his witch-hunting activities culminating in a natinally televised hearing seeking to prove Communist infiltration into the U.S. Army; his formal censure and condemnation by Senate resolution follow.