Robert A. Taft, U.S. Senator and public servant, (b. 1889)
Queen Mary of England (b. 1867)
William T. Tilden 11 (Amer.), tennis world champion, (b. 1893)
Jim Thorpe, U.S. athlete, (b. 1888)
Raoul Dufy, Fr. painter, (b. 1887)
Ivan A. Bunin, Russ. poet, (b. 1870)
Eugene O'Neill, (b. 1870)
Lee Shubert, U.S. theater owner, (b. 1875)
Stalin, (b. 1879)


Murder of the Brit. Drummond family at Province, France, by farmer Gaston Dominici.

Maureen Connolly, U.S. tennis player, wins women's Grand Slam-all four major championships.

Tornados in Texas, Michigan, and Massachusetts kill 350 people.

Controls on wages, salaries, and on some consumer goods are lifted in U.S.; all price controls removed (Mar. 17)

Boston Braves baseball club (NL) moves to Milwaukee; St. Louis Browns (AL) move to Baltimore, become the Baltimore Orioles.

New York (AL) wins fith consecutive World Series, 4-2, over Brooklyn (NL)


A rocket-powered U.S. plane is flown at more than 1,600 mph

Lung cancer reported attibutable to cigarette smoking.

W. Le Gross Clark proves the Piltdown Man to have been a hoax.

Hillary and Tenzing become the first to climb Mount Everest.

U.S.S.R. explodes hydrogen bomb

Cosmic ray observatory erected on Mount Wrangell, Alaska.

Mazel discovers Cave Cougnac, near Gourdon containing prehistoric paintings.


Popular songs

"Doggie In The Window" ...."I Believe"...."Baubles, Bangles, and Beads".... "Ebb Tide"...."Stranger In Paradise"...."I Love Paris".

William Schuman: "Mighty Casey," opera, Hartford


Eero Saarinen wins award for design of General Motors Tech. Center in Warren. Michigan.

"I Vitelloni," (Felini)...."Roman Holiday" (Audrey Hepburn)...."Frm Here To Eternity," Academy Award (Zimmemann)...."The Robe" (Richard Burton)...."The Living Desert" (Disney) ...."Julius Ceasar" (Mankiewicz)

Most U.S. movie theaters are adapted for CinemaScope film projection.


New constitution proclaimed in Yugoslavia; Marshall Tito elected president.

Eisenhower inaugurated as President of the U.S.

U.S.S.R. severs relations with Israel in Feb.; resumed again in July.

Beria dismissed and executed; Khrushchev appointed First Secretary of the Central Committe of the Communist Party.

Dag Hammarskjold (Swed.) elected Secretary-General of the UN

U.S. Congess creates new cabinate post of Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

Vietnamese rebels attack Laos

Queen Elizabeth 11 crowned.

The Rosenbergs, first sentenced as atomic spies in 1951, are executed.

Korean armistice signed at Panmunjom July 27; U.S. and S. Korea sign mutual defence treaty.

Ben-Gurion resigns; Moshe Sharett elected Prime Minister of Israel.