Amelia Earhart is first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic: Newfoundland to Lodonderry Ireland, in 13.5 hours.

Expression "New Deal," used in Roosevelt's speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president.

The Linberg baby is kidnapped!

Vitamin D is discovered.


"Brother Can You Spare A Dime?"
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"
"Night and Day"
"Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee"

"The Blue Light"
A Farewell To Arms
"Fugitive From A Chain Gang"
Grand Hotel
Shanghai Express
Johnny Weissmuller appears in his first "Tarzan" film.

Shirley Temple's first film, "Red-Haired Alibi"


Sherwood Anderson: "Beyond Desire"
Philip Barry: "The Animal Kingdom"
Srskin Caldwell: "Tobacco Road"
James T. Farrell: "Young Lonigan"
Dashiel Hammett: "The Thin Man"
Ernest Hemingway: "Death in the Afternoon"


Indian Congress declared illegal; Gandhi arrested.

Stinson Doctrine protests against Japan aggression in Manchuria; U.S. declares it will not recognize gains made by armed force.

Presidential elections in Germany: Hindenburg 18 million votes...Hitler 11 million...Comminists 5 million...Hindenburg elected in second election.

German Reichstag elections: Nazis 230 seats... Socialists 133...Center 97...Communists 89

Hitler refuses Hindenburg's offer to become Vice Chancellar

Franklin D. Roosevelt wins presidential election in Democratic landslide; 472 electoral votes over Herbert Hoover's 59.

Famine in U.S.S.R.

Autria born Hitler recieves German citizenship and Frick appoints him Regierungsrat in Brunswick.

Iban Sand renames his kingdom Saudi Arabia

In May and June, 17,000 ex-servicemen arrive in Washington D.C., to urge passage of law permitting cashing of their bonus certificates for return home, but troops led by General Douglas MacArthur finally dive out last 2,000.

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