HTML...The standard for adding tags to a text file so that the file is able to be interpreted by a web browser.

What it really means:
Have To Make Larger.

HTTP...Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The internet protocol that the web use's to send information to client.

What it really means:
Have To Think Positive.

IP Address ...The number that identifies your machine as a unique on the web or internet. Without it you can't use any internet protocol.

What it really means:
Internet Posting.

IRC... Internet relay chat.

What it really means:

I Save Distinct Names.

ISDN...Intergrated Services. Digital Network. Digital Telephony scheme that allows two simultaneaus connections over the same wire; can include audio & date.

What it really means:
Isn't Safe Don't Negotiate.

Java...An object oriented, cross-platform programing language similar ctt, that is designed for building applications for the internet.

What it really means:
A cup of coffee.

MIDI...Musical instrument digital interface, a standard that lets electronic musical devices communicate with each other. Music stored in midi format contains instructions for playing the music, rather than the digilized audio signal itself.

What it really means:
Someone indecisive.

Helper App ...Add-on applications that supportsound, image and other formats that your browser can't support by itself.

What it really means:
An apparatus that helps you.

Gif... A bit mapped color graphics file format thats the preffered one to use if you want to put a graphic (as opposed to) a photo on a web page.

What it really means:
Something you give somebody.

FTP...File Transfer Protocol. The internet protocol that allow the viewing and down loading & uploading of files on remote computers.

What it really means:
Fail To Post.

FAQ...Frequently asked questions.

What it really means:
Funny Absurb Question.

Byte...A byte store's a simple characture of information such as the letter A.

What it really means:
To put something in your mouth and chomp down on.

Bookmarking...A way of storing pointers to favorite web sites in your browser.

What it really means:
To scribble on books.

MIME...Multi-purpose internet mail extentions. MIME types are extentions to files that tell your computer what kind of programs to use to view the file.

What it really means:
What you do when you switch users and pretend to be somebody else.

Modems...A devise that translates computer signals to analog signals suitable for send across phone lines.

What it relly means:
Things it takes to get you going.

Real Audio...A helper app that allows you to download sound files over web pages in real time (downloaded as free-ware).

What it really is:
Something webtv doesn't have.

SLIP/PPP...When you log into this kind of account, your computer is actually connected to the internet, and so is fully capable of all the TCP/IP services is available.

What it reall stands for:
A Slippery Person Person Pestering people.

Transparent Gifs...A gif that has one of it's colors set to be transparent when displayed against a background tile or color, the image will appear to float above it.

What it really is:
Something wrapped in Saranwrap that you give somebody.