#1. Facial toner.
Spread a thick coat of plain yogurt all over your face; wait at least 15 minutes before removing it with lots of warm water.

#2. Cleanser.
Take off your makeup with plain yogurt and tissues.


#1. Exercise equipment.
Use them to strengthen your arms.

#2. Stress reliever.
To feel more relaxed, try "walking the dog" and "rocking the cradle">

#3. Mobile
Hang different colored and shaped yo-yos at varying lengths from sections of a straightened wire hanger; suspend from the ceiling with monofilament.

#4. Clothesline
In an emergency, tie the two ends of the string to towel racks and hang underwear or light clothes on it.


#1. Valuables securer.
Sew a zipper across the inside pocket of a coat or jacket to keep your passport, traveler's checks, and other valuables safe.

#2. Puppet mouth.
Make a puppet out of an old sock by sewing on buttons for the eyes and nose and a small zipper for the mouth.

#3. Convertable jeans.
Make cutoffs by carefullyremoving most of the legs from a pair of blue jeans, Then reattach them with zippers. Wear the cutoffs when you go hiking or biking on a hot day; zip on the legs in the evening when it gets chilly.


#1. Rolling pin.
In a pinch, roll out biscuit dough with a large zuccini.

#2. Exercise equipment.
Use the big ones as hand weights when doing arm exercises.