#1. Jigsaw puzzle.
COver a piece of cardboard with it and cut into intricate shapes.

#2. Liner.
Use wallpaper strips in drawers or shelves.

#3. Place mat.
Cut into a rectangle or oval and spray with acrylic.

#4. Screen.
Customize a folding screen with wallpaper.

#5. Book cover.
Protect school books with left over wallpaper.

#6. Room cordinator.
Use left overs from covering walls as delightful accents on canisters, planters, wastebaskets and shutters.

#7. For an elegant looking gift, cut wallpaper to fit the package.


#1. Gripper.
Wrap flat weatherstripping around tool handles for a better and more comfortable grip.

#2. Cleats.
Glue the stripping on the bottom of your rubber boots to improve traction.

#3. Skid protector.
Attach strips to the bottoms of telephones and other lightweight appliances to keep them from sliding off tables and desk tops.

#4. Leak fixer.
Use slivers of household weatherstripping to shim up dented or sagging automotive weatherstripping and prevent wind whistles and water leaks around the cars doors and trunk.