#1. Pedal light.
For safer nightime bicycling, apply reflective tape to the edges of the pedals.

#2. Lock de-icer.
When there's a forecast for a winter storm, cover your car's locks with masking tape.

#3. Sign letters
Make block letters or numbers; use reflective tape if you want the sign to be seen at night.

#4. Key finder.
Put reflective tape on the tops of car or house keys so that you can distinguish them in the dark.

#5. Nail caddy.
Place nails or tacks between layers of tape so that they'll be instantly ready to use.

#6. Tube hanger.
To store sticky tubes of household cement or caulk, cut a strip of adhesive or duct tape several inches long and fold it over the bottom of the tube, leaving a flap at the end. Punch a hole in the flap and hang the tube on a nail or hook.

#7. Hand protector.
To remove a broken window without cutting yourself, crisscross it on both sides with masking tape, then gently tap the inside edges with an 8-oz hammer until the pane breaks free.


#1.Eye lift.
If your eyes are tired or swollen, place moist tea bags over them for at least 15 minutes.

#2. Hair brightener.
For golden highlights, rinse red or brown hair with orange pekoe tea.

#3. Plant invigorator.
Help ferns and other houseplants to thrive by watering them once a week with a weak solution of tepid tea.

#4. Pet smoother.
If your dog has hot spots (wet, red skin eruptions), put cold wet tea bags on them, then see a veternarian.

#5. Poultice .
Apply wet tea bags or loose tea leaves (preferably chamomile) directly on a burn; cover with gauze to secure them.

#6. Dental aid.
To help stop a gum from bleeding after an extraction, press a cool moist tea bag against it with your finger.


#1. Garden border.
Spray-paint halves, then lay them side by side, keeping them in place with wire hangers cut and bent into stakes.

#2. Safe
Make a 2-inch slit along one seam, then place jewelry and spare cash inside; store with other sports equiptment to prevent detection.

#3. Chair feet.
Slit tennis balls and put them over the feet of deck chairs so that they don't fall between the spaces of the boards.

#4. Battery saver.
When keeping your car door open for extended period of time, wedge a tennis ball into the door jamb so that it depresses the interior light switch.

#5. Doorstop.
Cut one in half, then nail or screw it into the wall behind a swinging door


#1. Wading pool.
Drape a shower curtain over the center of a large truck tire and fill with water.

#2. Planter.
Plant tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers inside tires laid on the ground - they'll protect the plants from the wind and the dark rubber will warm the surrounding soil.

#3. Fish environment.
If you have a pond, weigh tires down with rocks to create a pleasent residential neighborhood for fish.

#4. Swing.
Drill holes in a tire (so that rainwater can escape), Paint it white (so it won't get hot in summer0, bolt two chains to it and hang it from a tree.

#5. Retaining wall.
Fill with dirt and embed along a hillside; grow ground cover in between.


#1. Mini scrubber.
Unblock small appliance vents and get at grungy tile grout, grimy combs, and dirty typewriter keys.

#2. Crevice cleaner.
Use with silver polish to remove tarnish from filigreed pieces or with furniture polish to remove dust in carved wood.

#3. Manicure implement.
Clean fingernails and toenails with a soft toothbrush and soapy water.

#4. Motor cleaner.
A toothbrush dipped in kerosene is great for getting oily gunk out of hard-to-reach places.