#1. Tool chest
Remove the door and store tools and other shop equiptment inside.

#2. Root cellar.
Remove the door from an old refrigerator. In a well drained part of the backyard, dig a deep hole large enough to hold the refrigerator horizontally; line the hole with rocks, then lower the appliance into the ground. Alternate layers of sand or hay with root vegetables. Cover the opening with plywood. Use concrete blocks to hold the plywood in place.


#1. Hand warmer.
When doing wet work on cold days, put rubber gloves over your garden gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

#2. Broom stablizer.
Slip a finger from an old glove over the end of a broom so that it won't fall down when propped against a wall.

#3. Pliers guard.
To prevent ugly marks, cover the pliers' jaws with the fingers from a ripped glove.

#4. Pastry bag.
Tie off all but one finger from an unlined rubber glove ; fill it with icing, snip the tip and squeeze.

#5. Jar grip.
Put on dry rubber gloves, hold the container in one hand, and twist the stubborn lid counterclockwise with the other.

#6. Ice pack
Fill with ice, then tie the cuff to prevent leakage.