#1. Pen.
Cut the horny, hollow barrel of a feather into a point and dip into ink.

#2. Duster.
Use a large stiff feather to dust delicate bric-a-brac.


#1. Rug.
Use sturdy movers' quilts as floor coverings in the amily room.

#2. Lining.
Cut a piece to fit the inside of your silverware drawer- it will soundproof and scratchproof the interior.

#3. Place mat.
Use an old mat as a pattern, then trim the edges with bias tape.

#4. Dish seperators.
Cut pieces the size of your good china with pinking shears and place between the stacked plates for protection.


#1. Furniture bumper.
Before you begin to vacuum, put these flat plastic or wooden rings around furniture legs to protect them.

#2. Coaster.
Cut a piece of cork to fit inside one.