#1. Onion dryer.
Push an onion into the foot and tie; continue knotting onions into the leg, then hang to dry. when you need one, simply cut it off.

#2. Stuffing.
For sturdy, washable filler for pillows, quilts, toys, cut up old pantyhose.

#3. Paint saver.
To get rid of the lumps, strain old paint through pantyhoe tied over the top of the receptacle.

#4. Rubber band.
Cut off the two legs, then slice them into segments about 1 1/2 inches wide. Use to hold boxes closed or to tie newspapers together.

#5. Deer repellent.
Fill with fresh human or dog hair clippings and hang from bushes; renew regularly.

#6. Photo enhancer.
To add a misty, soft-focus quality to a photograph, fasten a piece of pantyhose over the camera lens witha rubber band.


#1. Ice mold.
Freeze water in cups then peel the paper off.

#2. Funnel.
Poke a hole near the edge in the bottom.

#3. Tomato protector.
Fend off cutworms and ther pests by removing the bottoms of cups and sinking them into the soil around young plants.

#4. Wind vane.
Remove the bottom and suspend the cup from a string so that it hangs horizontally; the wide end will tend to face the wind.


#1. Thread strengthener.
Pull a threaded needle ovr a piece of paraffin before sewing on a button. By the way, bees wax is good for this too.

#2. Drawer glider.
Remove a sticky drawer and rub a piece of paraffin up and down the edges and sides, especially where they appear rough from rubbing against the frame.

#3. Lubricant.
Rub paraffin on the shaft of a nail or screw for easier penetration into wood.

#4. Window aid.
Rub it on window sash tracks to prevent sticking. Also rub it on rods so that curtain rings or drapery hooks will slide easily.

#5. Rainproofer.
After writting identifying details on garden markers, dip them in a pan of melted paraffin.


#1. Residue remover.
Rub away the remains of price tags on pots and pans and other metal or plastic containers.

#2. Wildlife bait.
To lure a wild bird or squirrel or other small mammal into camera range, smear peanut butter on the spot you want it to perch, making sure you keep the spread out of sight of the camera. Focas on that spot-your subject can't run off with the peanut butter as it can with nuts or seeds.

#3. Tar remover.
To rid your car or your shoes of messy road tar, rub with peanut butter.


#1. Squeeze easer.
To prevent the cap on a tube of glue from getting permanently stuck, put a thin layer of the jelly on the threads of the cap before recapping it.

#2. Cuticle softener.
Massage it in each morning and night.

#3. Easy wheeler.
To ease rolling and squeeking of a TV stand, wagon and roller skate wheels, lubricate the axels with it.

#4. Paint masker.
Cover hardware or window panes with a thin film of jelly when painting; if you over brush, you'll be able to wipe the paint off easily.

#5. Rust preventer.
Protect the metal parts on tools, fishing rods, cooking utensils, skates, skis, and exterior trim by lubricating them with jelly.

#6. Dancer's gleem.
For special occasions, give yourself an extra glow- apply a thin film of the jelly to your face and shoulders, then dust lightly with colored glitter.

#7. Paw protector.
Apply a thin coating to animal paws to prevent irritation from rock salt in the winter.

#8. Mitt softener.
Keep your baseball mitt pliable by rubbing it regularly with petroleum jelly.


#1. Defroster.
Cover short tomato plants with old pillowcases when ever frost threatens.

#2. Sweater saver.
To help prevent pilling when washing sweaters, put them inside of a pillowcase and tie with a string before placing in the washer. This applys to with washing lingerie..

#3. Strainer.
When making jelly, seperate the fruit juices from the seeds and pulp by pouring through a pillowcase.


#1. Water wings.
Knot a sturdy rope through the handles of four empty, tightly capped 1-gallon jugs and tie them around the child's waist. (CAUTION) DO NOT leave your child unattended.

#2. Scoop.
Cut diagonally across the bottom of a jug and use it to scoop up dog food, sand, or fertilizer.

#3. Hip bucket.
Keep your hands free for harvesting. Cut a large hole from the side opposite the jug's handle and string your belt through it.

#4. Funnel.
Cut a jug in half; remove the cap and turn upside down to use as an emergency funnel for motor iol, antifreeze, or just about anything.

#5. Bouy.
Cap several jugs tightly and string them together to define swimming and boating areas.

#6. Jug fishing.
Cap an empty jug tightly and put line and baited hook through handle. Need a boat for this one. Be sure your local fishing laws allow jug fishing.

#7. Clothespin holder.
Cut off the top of a plastic jug, punch holes in the bottom to let out rainwater, and hang by it's handle from the clothesline .

#8. Weight.
Fill 2-quart or 1-gallon jugs three-quarters full of wter and tie to the grommets in a tarp or pool cover to hold down on windy days.


#1. Game board.
Use checkered tablecloths to play checkers or chess.

#2. Shower curtain .
Punch holes six inches apart and 1/2 inch from one edge of a hemmed tablecloth. Insert shower rings or loop strings through holes and loosely tie to the rod.

#3. Foor cover.
Spread a cloth under the baby's high chair to save on floor cleaning.

#4. Window shade.
Remove the roller and slat from an old shade. Cut a tablecloth to the size of a shade; hem one end to hold the slat and glue or staple the other end to the roller.


#1. Shoe restorer.
If your badlt scuffed shoes do not take polish, rub them with a raw potato, then polish.

#2. Stain remover.
Rub away vegetable stains from your hands with a piece of raw ptato.

#3. Black paint.
Bake potatoes until they're totally dried out and black. Grind thoroughly with a mortar and pestle; add enough linseed oil to make a paintlike consistency.

#4. Itch reliever.
Rub a thin slice of salted raw potato on hives or insect bites.

#5. Blackhead remover.
Put warm mashed potatoes inside a cheesecloth pouch and apply to a stubborn blackhead several times a day to soften it or easy removal.

#6. Hair darkener.
Dip a comb in water in potatoes have been boiled and run it through blond or brown hair several times. To speed up the darkening and help set the color, dry hair in the sun.

#7. Compress.
Potatoes retain heat or cold well. Boil one to use as a warm compress or refrigerate a cooked one for a cold compress.