#1. Chamois revitalizer.
To renew an old piece of chamois, soak it for 15 minutes in a bucket of warm water to which you've added 1 teaspoon olive oil, be sure to agitate the water every few minutes.

#2. Eye make-up remover.
#3. Moisten a cotton ball with the oil, dab onto the eye area and tissue off.

#4. Paint remover.
If you get paint in your hair, dab a piece of cotton in olive oil and dab it gently over the unwanted coloring.

#5. Body insulator.
If you don't want to wear bulky clothes while exercising out doors, cover your exposed skin with the oil to stay warm.

#6. Dry hair repair.
Heat oil until warm, then apply liberally to hair. Cover with a plastic bag, then wrap it in a towel; leave on for 45 minutes, then shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

#7. Hand softener.
To treat hands, immerse them in a bowl of warm olive oil for about 10 minutes, then wipe off the excess.

#8. Table ring remover.
RUb a paste of equal parts of olive oil and salt gently onto the mark with your finger; wipe it off with a dry cloth after 2 hour. Rewax if necessary.

#9. Overflow inhibertor.
Before boiling water, pour in a little olive oil.


#1. Smelling salts.
Hold a cut onion under the nose of a person who is feeling faint.

#2. Dye.
Boil red onion skins to make red dye, yellow skins for yellow dye.

#3. Eye winker remover.
Something in your eye? Chop up an onion and let the tears wash the foreign body out.

#4. Knife renewer.
Plunge a rusty knife into an onion two or three times.

#5. Windshield defogger.
Rub a cut onion on the inside to keep it from fogging up.

#6. Athlete's foot soother.
To relieve the itch, rub onion juice on the affected area.

#7. Wart remover.
Rub a stubborn wart with a raw onion dipped in salt; repeat until the wart disappears.