#1. Skirt.
Remove the stiching and press about a dozen ties flat; sew them together at their edges, starting at the wide end. Make a waistband out of a solid color tie.

#2. Belt.
Instead of the self-belt, wrap a tie around the waistline of a solid color outfit.

#3. Crazy quilt.
Remove the stitching and press ties flat. Arrange on a flat surface to determine the right design, then sew together. (Not enough ties? You can usually get a good buy on them at garage sales or Goodwill.)


#1. Fire starter.
Overlap two or three sheets newspaper to form a tight roll, then make an overhand knot. Half a dozen of these will start the most stubborn logs.

#2. Oven cleaner.
Use crumpled-up balls of newspaper to remove heavy grease, then wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.

#3. Glass cleaner.
After washing mirrors or windows with soap and water, crumple-up newspaper and wipe the glass dry- it will sparkle and be streak free.

#4. Cat litter.
In a pinch shred newspaper for the litterbox.

#5. Deoderizer.
Stuff wads of newspaper into shoes or boots to remove unpleasent odors overnight.

#6. Plastic container sweetener.
A piece of crumpled (no colors) newspaper sealed in a container overnight will remove most foul odors.

#7. Luggage freshener.
If trunks and suitcases haven't been used in a while, stuff crumpled newspapers inside and leave for a couple of weeks.

#8. Racoon deterrent.
Crumple up newspapers between rows of corn in the evening when ears are ripe.

#9. Moth deterrent.
Since moths seem to hate newsprint, try packing out-of-season clothes in newspaper; roll pappers inside rugs before storing.