#1. Reflectors.
Cover with reflective paint and place along driveways and walkways.

#2. Cookie cutter.
Dip the lid in flour, then press it into the dough.

#3. Food saver.
To keep the remaining half of an apple or orange fresh for a day or so, place it facedown on a lid and refrigerate it. To save a partially consumed glass of milk, cover it with a large lid and refrigerate. Cover left over canned soup or fruit with a jar lid and refrigerate.

#4. Coaster.
Glue felt or cork inside a lid, for a handy coaster for your drinks.

#5. Paint palette.
For quick touch-ups, pour paint into a lid and dip into it with an artists brush.


#1. Terrarium.
Place a 1-inch layer of pebbles and charcoal chips and 3-inches of sterilized potting mix in a large jar. After planting, moisten slightly and place in a bright spot, uncovered, for a day, then cover.

#2. Mitten dryer.
Pull a wet mitten over the bottom of a small jar; stand the open end over a radiator for quick drying.

#3. Glue pot.
Drill a hole through a canning jar lid to fit the handle of a disposable foam paintbrush. To let the brush hang in the pot, rest the lid on top of the screw-on ring. Wipe off excess glue on the ring.

#4. Shop storage .
Nail lids to a rafter or the underside of a shelf in the workshop and screw in jars filled with nails, screws, nuts, bolts.