#1. Plant waterer.
Put several ice cubes on houseplant soil so that the moister seeps in gradually. But don't let the ice touch the foliage.

#2. Flavor negater.
Before your child takes an unpleasent-tasting medicine, have him suck on a ice cube for a few minutes so that his taste buds are numbed.

#3. Indentation inflator.
Put an ice cube in each dent left in carpeting by furniture legs- the moisture will plump up the fibers.


#1. Beach toy.
Give one to your child for making castles in the sand (or the sandbox).

#2. Trowel.
When transplanting seedlings, use a scoop to make same size planting holes quickly and easily.

#3. Soil scoop.
For mess- free repotting, use an ice cream scoop to add soil to the container.

#4. Server.
Scoop equal portions of rice or mashed potatoes onto the family's dinner plates.

#5. Melon scoop.
Use a scoop to make large melon balls.


#1. Stirrer.
An ice cream stick neatly mixes small amounts of paint, putty, and glue-and you can throw it away afterward without feeling guilty.

#2. Ruler.
In a pinch, draw a straight line with one.

#3. Trivet.
Glue a summer's worth of sticks together to make a square.

#4. Index file marker.
Cut to size if necessary, tape to an index card, and letter the top with a marker pen.

#5. Splint.
In an emergency, secure a stick to an injured finger with tape or strips of cloth .

#6. Shim.
Glue to the bottom corners or legs of a piece of furniture so that it stands level on the floor.

#7. Insulator.
If you have to check for a spark from a plug wire, hold it with two sticks; if the wire is leaking high voltage current, you won't get shocked.

#8. File.
Glue sandpaper to one end and use for sanding.


#1. Furniture renewer.
Dab some over scratches in mahogany furniture.

#2. Water purifier
When camping in areas without a safe water supply, stir in 6 to 8 drops of iodine per quart of drinking water; wait 20 minutes before consuming.