#1. Wax remover.
If candle wax drips onto a table, scrape off as much as possible with a dull knife blade, soften the remainder with warm air from a hair dryer, then wipe off with a paper towel.

#2. Invisibe ink dryer.
After writing a message on a piece of paper with lemon or onion juice, make it invisible by drying it on low.

#3. Invisible ink revealer.
If you're the recipient of the secret message, make the writing visible again with a dryer set on hot.

#4. Traveler's aid.
Hang just washed garments on a towel rack or shower curtain rod and blow dry.

#5. Mirror defogger.
If a hot shower fogs up your bathroom mirror, clear it with warm air from your dryer.

#6. Heat leak detector.
While someone holds a lit candle just inside a window, go outside with a hair dryer and blow air around the frame; if the flame wavers, the window is leaking heat.

#7. Fire starter.
Fan the charcoal briquettes in an outdoor grill.

#8. Sneaker dryer.
If the toes of your sneakers never seem to dry after washing, aim the nozzle of a dryer, set on low, into each shoe for about five minutes.


#1. Insecticide.
Stop insects in their tracks with a shot of hair spray.

#2. Artist's fixative.
Protect a child's pastel artworks and pencil drawings with hair spray.

#3. Run stopper.
If you get a run in your stocking, spray it immediately to prevent it from getting any longer.

#4. Tarnish preventive.
Spray it on freshly polished pieces of brass to retard tarnishing.

#5. Flower extender.
For longer -lasting cut flowers, give them a dash of hair spray; stand a foot away and direct it at the undersides of the leaves and petals.