#1. Barbecue cover.
When it's not in use, protect your outside grill with a large garbage bag.

#2. Summer storage.
Add a few mothballs to a bag filled with your winter woolens; squeeze out the excess air and seal with a twist tie.

#3. Ground cloth
When camping, place your sleeping bag on several large garbage bags to prevent moister from seeping in.

#4. Windshield de-icer.
Before leaving the car on a icy day, cut open a heavy duty garbage bag and place it over the windshield, covering the wipers; close the car doors on the bag's edges to hold in place. When you return, sweep off any snow, then peel off the plastic.

#5. Solar shower.
Fill a heavy duty garbage bag with water and tie it to a solid tree branch. After allowing time for the sun to heat the water, strip down, soap up, and poke a small hole in the bag to rinse off.


#1. Tine guard.
Cut an old hose into sections and slip them over the tines of your rototiller when not in use so that they won't bang your shins.

#2. Bucket handle.
For more comfotable carrying, slit a four inch length of old garden hose and slip it over the handle of the bucket.

#3. Car door protector.
Nail lengths of slit hose to the garage wall where the car door usually makes contact with the wall.

#4. Blade guard.
slit a section of old hose and slip it over the blade of an axe or saw to protect the cutting edge and prevent injuries.

#5. Tree protector.
Slit through one side of an old hose, then slip a section of it around the trunk of a very young tree to protect it from support ropes. Or put the hose around the ropes instead of the tree.


#1. Recipe tag.
When sending homebaked cookies as a gift, write the recipe on the back of an old greeting card illustration.

#2. Picture frame.
Cut out a rectangle, oval, or circle 1/4 inch smaller on all sides than your picture; tape the picture inside and close.

#3.Place mat.
Glue greeting card pictures onto a 12x18 inch piece of cardboard; coat with clear acrylic.

Christmas ornament.
Punch a tiny hole in the top, then insert an ornament hanger.