#1. Screen cleaner.
Save used sheets to remove dust and static from TV and computer screens.

#2. Deoderizer
Line drawers and closet shelves with fresh sheets.

#3. Car freshener.
Place several under the front seat to freshen stale air .

#4. Shoe shiner.Buff shoes to a high gloss with a fabric softener sheet.

#5. Static cutter.
To reduce static electricity in your hair, rub a sheet over your hair brush.

#6. Eyeglass cleaner.
Wipe lenses with a sheet of fabric softener to clean them and prevent fogging.

#7. Sewing aid.
To prevent tangling, run your threaded needle through a sheet before sewing.


#1. Toolbox
Store small nails, nuts, screws or bolts inside.

#2. Dry box.
On camping and boating trips, the canisters will keep your money dry, also matches.

#3. Shakers.
Drill holes in the lids of metal film canisters and fill with salt, pepper, or spices. Now you have dispensers for camping or picnicing.

#4. Pillbox.
Keep asprins, pills, vitamins in seperate canisters when traveling; label with masking tape.

#5. Coin holder.
Use to hold change for telephones, buses, tolls, parking meters or laundry.

#6. Swimmers helper.
Carry your earplugs to the beach in a canister. Then make a swap- put earrings and other small jewelry inside the canister so that they'll br protected from moisture and sand.

#7. Battery holder.
Use as a container for AA and AAA batteries.

#8. Sewing kit.
Put two needles, black and white thread wrapped around a piece of toothpick, a couple of buttons, several safety pins in a canister and pack in your suitcase for emergency repair.