#1. Mini funnel.
Poke a hole in half an eggshell, then pour the liquid into it into a container.

#2. Planter.
Punch a tiny hole, add soil, moisten and plant a seed. Support the eggshell in an egg carton cup.

#3. Decoration.
Poke a small hole in both ends of an egg; blow out the contents. Let the shell dry, then paint and decorate with scraps of jewelry and rickrack. To hang, glue ribbon or string to one end.

#4. Fertilizer.
Sprinkle crushed shells around garden plants to discourage sligs. Toss any extra shells into the compost heap.

#5. Por scrubber.
When cleaning pots and pans while camping, a good substitute for steel wool is a handful of broken eggshells.

#6. Mosaic
Paint the inside and outside of shells a variety of colors, then crush them in a paper bag. Draw a picture on cloth or paper and spread slightly diluted white glue over it; sprinkle appropriately colored shells over the glue and protect with several coats of acrylic sealer.