#1. Closet organizer.
Store toys, clothes, towels, sheets and pillowcases in square plastic dishpans. Lable the contents on the sides.

#2. Oil pan.
Place a dishpan beneath the drain plug when changing your car's oil; make sure the container is large enough to hold at least 6 quarts.

#3. Baby's bathtub.
Fill with an inch or two of lukewarm water.

#4. Birdbath.
Set on or into the ground and surround with rocks and foliage.


#1. Folding screen.
Hinge three together; decorate with paint or wallpaper if desired. I cut out of thin cardboard petal shapes, glued them in flower fashion, haphazardly on the doors. I then took foil paper and crinkled it and sprayed glue on the dull side of the foil and then took a soft cloth and rubbed the foil onto the door and flower shapes. The flowershapes came through very nicely. After I had covered the doors with foil I took "black" spray paint and sprayed the doors one at a time. I immediately took a cloth with paint remover on it and wiped over the paint. It made it look antique and very pretty.

#2. Bench.
Place a solid door on two concrete blocks.

#3. Desktop.
Flat, solid doors provide a sturdy surface for computers, typwriters, and other large or bulky equipment. Buy wooden or steel legs at your local home center or use filr cabinates of matching height.

#4. Work surface.
Place a solid door across a pair of sawhorses.

#5. Raft.
Attach two large pieces of plastic foam to a door.

#6. Use a flat solid wood or steel door as a ramp when wheeling furniture or other heavy objects up a step or an incline.

#7. Walkway.
After a heavy rainstorm, lay old doors over soggy ground for easy walking.