#1. Jigsaw puzzle.
Glue a favorite calendar page onto a heavy piece of cardboard, then cut into pieces.

#2. Place mats.
Use the pages from beautifully illustrated calendars as place mats when setting table for a special party.

#3. Collage.
Glue the pages of a calender on 1/4-inch plywood to make a collage of memories.

#4. Greeting card.
Glue a favorite old calendar picture on thin poster board for an inexpensive but attractive greeting card.


#1. Envelope sealer.
Reseal an envelope with a few drops of melted wax from a lighted candle.

#2. Egg decorator.
Drip melted wax onto hard-boiled Easter eggs and then dye. Peel off the wax to reveal an intricate pattern.

#3. Fire starter.
Toss a couple of candle stubs into the kindling and light.

#4. Shovel lubricant.
The snow will slide right off your shovel if you rub it down with a candle stub before using.


#1. Plant protector.
Remove both ends and push the can into the earth as a collar to protect young garden plants from cutworms.

#2. Pans.
Different size cans will nestle together compactly to provide cheap, disposable pans when camping; handle with pliers when hot.

#3. Chair boots.
Ever take aluminum lawn chairs fishing and have them sink into the ground when the ground is soft? Put the legs of the chair in cans.

#4. Egg poacher.
Remove the top and bottom of a tuna can, place in a skillet of simmering water and crack an egg into it.

#5. Seeder.
perforate the bottom of a can, fill it with grass seed, and shake over the lawn.


#1. Fluorescent light storage.
Prevent breakage by keeping unused fluorescent lamps in cardboard tubes.

#2. Light detangler.
For trouble free decorating next year, wrap Christmas tree lights around a tube and secure with tape or a rubber band.

#3. Document holder.
Before storing diplomas, marriage licenses, and other certificates, roll them tightly and insert them in paper towel tubes. This prevents creases and keeps documents clean and dry.

#4. Linen press.
After laundering table cloths and napkins, roll them around tubes so that they won't show creases where they were folded.


#1. Insulation.
Cover the walls of a room with carpet scraps for sound-proofing and temperature control.

#2. Clatter killer.
Cut pieces of carpet to fit under typewritters and sewing machines, on cabinate shelves, and in tool boxes.

#3. Bed bumper.
Pad the corners of a sharp bed frame to prevent scraping or gouging the walls.


#1. Food tents.
Protect your food from dirt and insects at outdoor parties-wrap a piece of cheesecloth around an old wire umbrella form and place over serving plates.

Paint strainer.
Remove the clots from an old can of paint by straining it through cheesecloth.

#3. Pressing cloth.
When ironing delicate fabrics, press over a damp cheesecloth, it leaves no lint and won't overwet your clothes.

#4. Dry cleaner.
To remove oil and dirt from your hair, cover your brush with cheesecloth.

#5. Fat remover.
To skim fat from soups or stews, wrap ice in cheesecloth and draw across surface.

#6. Vacuum attachment.
Instead of removing the contents of a drawer to dust it, cover the nozzle of your vacuum with cheesecloth so that small objects aren't sucked into it.


#1. Dog repellent.
Boughs positioned vertically around tree trunks may help discourage neighborhood dogs.

#2. Fishing habitat.
If you drop a Christmas tree into your favorite fishing hole, the fish will very likely gather around it, and you'll know just where to catch them. Besides that, it gives them shelter.

#3. Bird shelter.
Make a winter shelter for the birds by piling several trees in the backyard. They'll be especially grateful if the trees were decorated with popcorn or cranberry garlands .

#4. Bathroom freshner.
Tie a bow on a freshly cut branch and hang in the bathroom for an evergreen scent. Mist frequently.

#5. Animal deterent.
Cut off the branches and mulch flower beds and shrubs with them; they'll also serve to ward off animals.

#6. Fire starter.
Use dried-out sprigs to ignite kindling in a fireplace. Don't overdo it-they burn furiously.


#1. Pants hanger.
Suspend a clipboard from a hook inside the closet or on the bedroom door; hang pants overnite by clipping the cuffs.

#2. Place mat holder.
Hang a clipboard inside a kitchen cabinet door and use the clamp for convient place mat storage.

#3. Recipe container.
For easy reading of recipes cut from magazines, attach a clipboard on the kitchen wall at eye level.

#4. Travel aid.
Before starting out on a long trip, fold the map to the area in which you plan to travel; attach it to a clipboard and keep it nearby to check at rest stops.


#1. Fastener.
Close up packages of crackers, snacks, cereal or seeds.

#2. Paper clips.
A spring clothespin holds more than a paper clip does and is handier.

#3. Note holder.
Glue or screw to a surface to hold notes.

#4. Spark plug reminder.
Number clothespins and attach to spark plug cables before disconnecting them. Number from the front of the engine, adding D if it's on the driver's side, P for passenger's side.

#5. Paintbrush saver.
Keep your paintbrush from sinking into the solvent residue when you clean it; clamp it to the container with a clothespin.