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#1. Photo: This was taken in Texas in December of 1961. I weighed 98 pounds soaking wet. Big wasn't I?

#2. Photo: This is Joe and I two years ago in a little country bar Joe owned. Not too good of a picture.

#3. Photo: A picture of my son Mike and my new daughter-in-law, Kelly. This was the day they got married.

#4. Photo: This picture is my son Mike when he was in Saudi in "Desert Storm".

#5. Photo: This picture was taken in front of our motorhome a year ago. It's John, my grandson and Joe.

#6. Photo: These children belong to my daughter-in -law. Cassandra who is 7 yrs and Charles, 4. So I guess I got three grandchildren now.

#7. Photo: This was taken of me last summer. I'm always wearing a hat or cap of some sort as I love hats. I collect caps and have quite a few and have wore them all at one time or another. Looking my age huh? 69 and still going.

Here is another picture of my grandson John. Looks just like his daddy.

Here are a couple of pictures of the motorhome we travel around in. We traded in our old Beaver for this Holiday Rambler. Sure like it.

As I get more upto date pics, I'll put them on here. When we get back from our trip I'll have new pics. Thanks. Margie

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