Well let's see, where do I start! I guess I'll get hatched in Marshalltown, Iowa to begin. All I know about that episode is, mom was sitting on the Iowa river bank fishing when I demanded to be heard. Here she had to quit in the middle of a good bite. I'm the oldest of three kids. I was a very lovely little girl, so well behaved too. Ahem! Not! I remember one time when we were visiting my grandma, (dad,s mom) in Terra Haute, Indiana. A little girl that lived down the street had a birthday party and I went. Had so much fun and envied her all the presents. So, a couple days after that, I told a whole bunch of kids I was having a birthday party. Well the next day, here they came one by one. Bringing gifts too, I might add. It ended up around 6 kids. When the first one knocked on the door, grandma answered. They informed her that they came to my birthday party. Grandma was shocked. Mom called me and made me tell them it wasn't my birthday after all. But grandma invited them in anyway and gave them some icecream. Needless to say, mom wouldn't let me have the gifts. The kids took them back home. I didn't get the belt but I came close.
I never had a BD party when I was little and growing up. But boy howdy, did I ever have one my 65th. In my backyard, music, every drink imaginable, food for an army and fit for a king, horseshoe games, darts, washers. Then afterwards, some friend surprised me by giving me another party that night at this little country bar. Had a male stripper. How embarassed I was. But had fun.
Joe and I have been together 4 years now and are so happy. We both were born in May of '32 and my day is 22nd and his the 23rd. we are like two peas in a pod. We have a motorhome that we take trips in. Infact we are going to Arizona around the first part of January and stay for a couple of months, maybe three.
Joe was Airforce at one time. He has rental houses and has a bar leased out. He is a mechanic, electrician, plumber. So I got a built in handyman. He loves his nascar races, me too. We bet against each other. If his men, Kevin Harvick or Dale Ernhart Jr. wins I pay him $5.00 if Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon wins, I get the five.
We like to go to Laughlin and play the slots. Nothing big. We go to flea markets, dance once in a great while, garage sales. I used to bowl until I injured my back. My average was 185 when I quit. Used to bowl on a traveling league, women.
All my family were military or spouses military. All my ex's are from Texas and hope they stay there too! Won't tell how many. I'll just say too many. LOL I just wish Joe and I had met when we were young and in our twenties. Betcha we'd still be together.
Lets see, I love animals of all kinds. My favorite pastime is fishing. I love to fish at night for catfish. I like fishing for bass and crappie too. I used to live in Wisconsin where the fishing was really good. I like flyfishing for trout too.
I pride myself on being a good cook. Used to crochet a lot in the winter when it was bad out, but this webtv has done away with that.
I do find the time to work with wood though. I make clocks, knick knack shelves, coffee table and jewelry chests. I dabble in oils. Like to paint scenery. I write poetry and songs and play along with the guitar. I love games of all kinds. This is the only difference we have. Joe and I. He don't care about board games. He likes games of chance though and poker.
Well thats about all I'm going to tell you. Probably more then you wanted to know. LOL Got lots more to tell but better keep something to myself.Huh? I've met a lot of nice people since I've been on this webtv. I've met two of them in person. One, Taz in Louisiana, and another in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Which is 20 miles from me.

These last three months has been like I imagine hell to be. I've been sick. Something I hate when it really gets me down. Joe and I both have had the flu for the past three going on four weeks now. Still hacking. I'll have to come back and edit this page if I live that is. LOL
Hope you all like my idea on a homepage. It shows some of my personality in it I guess. Please come back often as I will be adding more and more until there is no more room.

Please sign one of my books.
Thanks a bunch